Repair categories

Our repairs service needs to have standards which we can measure our performance against. The response times we have for each category of reactive repair are detailed below.

Emergency Repair

24 hours

Urgent Repair

4 working days

Routine 1

10 working days

Routine 2

20 working days

It is not possible to provide a definitive list of all the repairs falling into each of the immediate callout, emergency, urgent and routine categories.

The following provides guidance that should cover many cases.

1)Emergency Repair


Total Loss of heating and/or hot water and tenant has no alternative forms available.

Response Time

To be attended within 4 hours to make safe and works to be completed within 24 hours.

2)Urgent Repair


Blocked Flue to boiler or fire. Badly leaking pipe, heating pipe, radiator, tank or cistern, Oil/Gas leak.

Response Time

To be attended and complete within 4 working days.

3)Routine 1


Partial loss of heating and/or Partial loss of hot water.

Response Time

To be attended and complete within 10 Working days.

4)Routine 2


Minor plumbing leaks, waste pipes, radiator valves External leaking overflows.

Response Time

To be attended and complete within 20 Working days.