Tenant Participation

Tenant Participation is important for Rural Housing Association and our tenants to share information, ideas and work together to improve our services.

We are committed to providing our tenants with many opportunities to get involved. We recognise their knowledge and understanding of the issues and concerns they have for their families, neighbours and the communities they live in is invaluable in making sure we focus our attention on addressing them.

We have developed a Tenant Participation Strategy which details how tenants can become involved in the decision making process: how they can be involved in scrutinising and monitoring the service and how they can provide feedback. There is a menu of options for our customers to choose from and they can get involved in as little or as much as they would like depending on their requirements and the amount of time they may have available.

Why Become Involved?

Tenant participation is a continually evolving process, progressing as new issues arise. Tenants may want to get involved in Tenant Participation because they want to help create a better sense of community in the area where they live or to try to improve services for the communities they represent.

Other reasons tenants become involved:

  • To help build relationships with neighbours and arrange social activities or other fundraising activities
  • To give individuals a sense of belonging within an estate/neighbourhood
  • To liaise with statutory and voluntary agencies as representatives on behalf of their estate
  • To assist in sharing information
Why should tenants get involved?

It is an opportunity for tenants to meet new people, develop new skills and get a better understanding of the work of the Association and the services we provide to help make a difference to their homes and neighbourhood.

The Association recognises that due to the dispersed nature of our stock across rural areas in Northern Ireland, involving all our customers in meaningful engagement is always going to be a challenge. It is therefore even more important that we work hard to develop other ways to encourage our customers at a local level to get involved in the decisions that affect the services they receive.

How will we support tenants?

It is important that getting involved is easy and cost free. We will offer as much support as we can and some of the resources we provide include:

  • Access to training
  • Access to information
  • Help with administration and publicity