Rural Housing Association was established in 1992 as one means of implementing the Housing Executive's pioneering and innovative Rural Housing policy statement "The Way Ahead".

The Housing Executive’s new approach was underpinned by seven key principles and these in turn shape the Association’s philosophy and ethos:

  • A new Rural Approach is necessary, not a revised Urban approach.
  • Partnership with others in developing and implementing a Rural Housing Policy is critical for success.
  • Tailoring to local circumstances is an essential success factor.
  • Working with Rural Communities is essential for effective Rural Development.
  • Affordability lies at the core of potential Housing solutions.
  • Investment and resources must be directed to where they are most needed and to those who need them most.

The Association works throughout Northern Ireland and has a particular interest in working in what are considered to be disadvantaged rural areas. The Association’s housing stock is located across all District Council areas (apart from Belfast); the average scheme size is just under seven dwellings.

  • Registered under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act (Northern Ireland) 1969 on 2 March 1992, Registration No IP 345.
  • Registered under the Housing (NI) Order 1981 on 19 March 1992, Registration No R52.
  • Registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, Registration No Z5826985.
  • Affiliated to the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations.
  • Registered with HMRC as a Charity for Tax purposes under reference XR23974 from 13th October 2008.