Major repairs / changes

Planned Maintenance and Stock Condition Surveys

Developing and delivering an effective repairs and maintenance system must include a strategic approach to the planning and funding of future planned maintenance projects.

Rural Housing Association have long term financial plans in place which sets out when we will carry out major repairs and how we will fund them. The starting point for this exercise is finding out the condition our stock. To do this we are carrying out stock condition surveys on all our stock which will inform the timing of when particular components will need replaced and how much this is likely to cost. This process is called life cycle costing.

This information gathered is uploaded onto Rural Housings asset management software which is used to develop programmes of future planned maintenance based on the life cycle of each of the components within the properties. Reports can be produced highlighting which components are due replacement within certain financial years, this forms the basis of the planned maintenance programme of works.

Types of Works Carried Out

 Multi Element Improvements (MEI)

There is a yearly programme of Multi Element Improvements (MEI) schemes carried out. Typically, these works will include –

  • Replacement Boilers and Heating system upgrades
  • Replacement Kitchens
  • Replacement Windows and External Doors
  • Electrical upgrades and rewires
  • Replacement Bathrooms

The Association will appoint a Consultant to manage these projects which will include development of drawings and specifications for our Contractors to follow. Tenant participation is crucial at this stage and where possible tenants are included at each stage of the project, from reviewing and selecting kitchen samples to arranging access for works and finally providing feedback on our service.

External Cyclical Maintenance (ECM)

There is a yearly programme of External Cyclical Maintenance (ECM) projects carried out. Typically, these works will include –

  • Repairs to the roof structure including porches, chimneys, fascia, barges, soffits and rainwater goods and cleaning the roof and gutters.
  • Repairs to external walls including any defects in the masonry.
  • Decoration to all previously painted surfaces
  • Repairs to windows including resealing and servicing of frames and ironmongery.
  • Cleaning and power washing all applicable areas such as driveways and paths.

As per the MEI, a Consultant is appointed to manage these projects and a detailed schedule of works for each property is produced and executed by the Contractor. The Association strives to carry this out of a 5 year programme basis.