Ways to get involved

You may want to get involved in Tenant Participation because you want to help create a better sense of community in the area where you live or to try to improve services for the communities you represent.

  • Member of a Residents Group in your area – You may wish to come together to form a group to represent the interests of your particular area or to deal with one particular issue, for example, anti-social behaviour – Contact us to see if there is a group in your area – if there is no group, we can help you set up one
  • Tenant Champion – Tenant Champions support the Association by working within their schemes or local areas by passing on information to others about a variety of issues such as welfare reform. energy efficiency or helping others to complete application forms on the computer.
  • Member of our Board of Management – In the future (we do currently have one of our tenants on our Board of Management however we would keep a register of anyone who is interested in sitting on our BoM for future use)
  • Responding to Repair satisfaction Surveys – These are completed after each works order to ensure any dissatisfaction is addressed
  • Consultations events or public meetings on local development initiatives
  • Being part of our Communication Group when you could help us ensure our Annual Tenant Newsletter, leaflets and other written doaments are written in plain English. easy to read and informative – involvement is by email
  • Digital Inclusion Project and courses available to tenants on using computers and other iPad tablet devices (Further information is available by emailing housing@ruralhousing.co.uk
  • Conferences and other training events – Training will be offered to any tenants who wish to beanie involved
  • Member on local Inter-Agency Group – You can contact us to find out if there is an inter-agency group operating within your area
  • Mystery Shopping – After contacting us or using one of our services you report your findings back to us by completing a short form – on whether our services meet the required standards -this helps us identify any weaknesses – your identity is kept secret from staff
  • Estate Walkabouts are joint inspections of a scheme or a local area with interested tenants local groups and representatives from other agencies to address any issues or areas of concern (If you are interested in us establishing these in your area please let us know)
  • Responding to Tenant Satisfaction Surveys – These are completed annually to help us ensure that we listen to your views and act upon them
  • Consultations on Strategic Planning, Policies and any other things that may affect your tenancy, for example rent charges
  • Our Participation Register – Our Participation Register is a list of tenants who can’t or don’t wish to join a formal tenant’s group but would still like to get involved for example if you tell us about the type of things you would like to get involved in we will contact you to obtain your views
  • Scheme Visits We aim to meet all of our tenants face-to-face at least once a year and use this opportunity to share information and ask tenants for feedback regarding our service