Tenant Participation Menu of Options

At Rural we are committed to providing our tenants with many opportunities to get involved and help shape, influence and improve our services.

It is the Association’s aim to provide the best possible service to all of our residents and we are determined to continually improve on our performance levels across the board.

Detailed below are some of the ways Tenants can become involved in Tenant Participation work, drive change and scrutinise the services provided by the Association:


At the highest level we encourage our residents to become Board and Committee members to influence business and strategic matters affecting the Association.

Tenant Panels

Become a member of a Tenant Panel. Currently there are six Tenant Panels across RHA Stock in Northern Ireland. The Panels meet several a year to help monitor scrutinise and review the delivery and performance of services provided by the Association.

Resident Groups/Interagency Groups

Become a member of a Residents Group – tenants may wish to come together to form a group to represent the interests of their particular area or to deal with one particular issue.

If you are interested in establishing a resident group or forming part of an interagency working group, please contact us at the office for further information.

Tenant Champions

Tenants Champions support the Association by working within their schemes or local areas by passing on information to others about a variety of issues such as welfare reform, energy efficiency or helping others to complete digital application forms. Rural Housing Association keeps a register of all Tenant Champions registered with the Association.


Consultation with local Community Groups reference future developments. It is a core belief of Rural Housing Association that the housing requirements of small rural communities are best identified, understood, and solved through close co-operation with local community groups. To this end the Association works closely with all local communities in assessing needs and delivering appropriate housing solutions in what is, predominately a very specialised rural market.

Surveys and Questionnaires

We use a combination of postal and telephone surveys to collect the views and assess the satisfaction levels of our residents with our overall service delivery and to identify priorities for improvement.

Social Media

We use Twitter and Facebook to share news and information that we believe our residents would be interested. We use Facebook to encourage feedback and share relevant news and information items.

If you are interested in any of the above areas or wish to see a full list of our Tenant Participation opportunities, please contact the Association.