Board of Management

Rural Housing Association is governed by a Board of Management. The voluntary members of this Board are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Company and for oversight of the operations of the Association, these members meet once per month.

In tandem with the Board of Management there are two committees which deal with specific aspects of the association for which they are given delegated powers. These are the Audit Risk and Governance Committee and the Technical Committee.

Current Board Members
  • Ciaran McKenna (Chair)
  • Neville Armstrong
  • Rory O’Brien (Secretary)
  • Carol Follis BA (Vice Chair)
  • Alistair McKane (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Tommy Gallagher
  • John Waddell
  • Tom Potter
  • Michaela McCusker
  • Margaret Rafferty
  • Claire McKeefry
  • Ryan Brady