Aims & Objectives

Rural Housing Association was established in 1992 to provide “A supply of readily available and affordable accommodation for rural people in rural areas with a view to helping maintain and regenerate rural communities”.

It is a core belief of the Association that the housing requirements of small rural communities are best identified, understood and solved through close co-operation with local community development groups.

To this end the Association works closely with all local communities in assessing needs and delivering appropriate housing solutions in what is, predominantly, a very specialised rural market.

The Association is mindful of the fact that its tenants are mostly either on very low incomes or dependent on benefits and that a significant number of them will be affected by the incoming changes in welfare benefits. The Association is keen to keep rental charges at affordable levels. Fuel poverty is a growing concern in NI and the Association has always worked to provide the most cost effective means of heating thus its officers continue to provide detailed advice to tenants on insulation and energy efficiency measures in their homes.

The Rural Housing Association’s purpose is presented as follows:

To provide new homes for rent across rural NI which:

Help reduce levels of housing stress

Meet the highest possible standards of design and construction

Respect and reflect local communities; cultures; and environments

Are well-managed; maintained; and cared for

Make people’s lives better

Improve people’s living standards and self esteem

Are affordable to the least well off in society

In working to deliver on this purpose the Association will continue to:

  • Be innovative and pioneering in its planning, design, building and management of our homes
  • Always reflect the local
  • Focus on partnerships with others, in particular with DfC, NIHE and NIFHA
  • Be a good employer
  • Meet all the governance standards required of it
  • Investigate new avenues to position the Association as a key stakeholder in rural affairs
  • Provide sound advice and information to our tenants on the changes to the welfare system
  • Stand up for rural Northern Ireland