Keep The Lifeline

Keep The Lifeline 

We have seen plenty of activity in recent weeks with a growing number of voices across the political divide warning against the £20 cut to Universal Credit and calling for this investment to be made permanent.

However, as we approach 7 weeks until the scheduled cut, MPs have shared that their constituents aren’t raising this with them and therefore are not feeling the pressure you would expect when we are about to see the biggest overnight cut to social security since the beginning of the modern welfare state!

The “Keep The Lifeline” campaign aims to raise awareness about the Universal Credit cut and ensure a range of people are speaking about it at once.

The Cliff Edge Coalition want as many people as possible – claimants, the public and local leaders – writing to their MPs, encouraging them to raise this with Ministers and the PM.

The campaign wants claimants to feel the support of the public behind them and to be more inclined to believe they can and should speak up against this cut.  Campaign organisers would also like to see lots of tweets on social media using the #UniversalCredit and #KeepTheLifeline hashtags, aiming to get this campaign trending

Actions you can take: 

  1. Write to your MP.  MPs are not hearing from their constituents about this and the campaign wants to encourage claimants to write to their MPs explaining what it would mean to them to lose the £20/week.
  2. Check out this campaign guide which includes how you can inform your communities, write to your MP and offer support on social media.
  3. Write to your MPs, either via the campaign tool or via personalised emails using this template.
  4. Save the Children has developed a challenge to help ground the experience of poverty for non UC claimants, and the impact the £20 cut would have on families. Feel free to share it to help non-claimants better understand why this cut is problematic: Take the challenge


The £20 #UniversalCredit increase has been a lifeline for families both in & out of work. If it is cut, even more children will be pushed into poverty & hardship. Ask your MP to #KeepTheLifeline. Writing to your MP is easy, just type in your postcode here.


The £20-a-week cut to #UniversalCredit this October will be the biggest overnight cut to the basic rate of social security since WW2. Ask your MP to #KeepTheLifeline. Writing to your MP is easy, just type in your postcode here. .


Millions of key worker families who have kept the country going throughout the crisis will be hit by the upcoming cut to #UniversalCredit. This isn’t right! Ask your MP to #KeepTheLifeline. Writing to your MP is easy, just type in your postcode here. .