Are You in Need of Social Housing in Plumbridge or Cranagh?

As part of Rural Housing’s commitment to building new homes in areas of housing need, we have partnered with the Housing Executive in launching a series of Social Housing Need Tests to identify housing need within rural locations across Northern Ireland. Two of the areas we will be carrying out a Social Housing Need Test are Cranagh and Plumbridge.

The aim of these Social Housing Need Tests is to identify where there is a hidden need for social or affordable housing in rural communities. Evidence suggests that some people living in rural communities who are eligible for social housing do not register with the Housing Executive due to the limited availability of social housing in rural communities, as a result the demand is often greater than the Housing Waiting list suggests.

As part of the Social Housing Need Tests in Plumbridge and Cranagh, Rural Housing Association and the Housing Executive are encouraging people who are in housing need and who have not yet registered with the NIHE to come forward and register their interest. If housing need is identified there may be the potential to develop new-build social housing in the area.

To register your interest email: or phone: 028 9598 2502