Aids and Adaptations

For anyone who has a disability or mobility issues, there are various adaptations that can be made to a property that will offer suitable solutions to allow you to remain within your home. We believe we can improve the quality of life for people by enabling them to live independently. If you are having difficulties carrying out normal day-to-day living activities, an aid or adaptation could help.
You can receive certain aids and adaptations following a recommendation from an Occupational Therapist, Social Worker (for sensory impairments only), or a Rural Housing Association Technical Officer.

What is an aid or adaptation?

Aid and Adaptations are separated into 3 categories - 
1. Small/Miscellaneous - Grab/hand or stair rails, toilet frames, shower seats, alarm strobe light, vibrating pillows. 
2. Minor - Shower to replace bath, external ramps and steps 
3. Major - Ground floor extensions, through floor lifts, en-suite bathrooms.  
What is not classified as an aid or adaptation?
Items which are not linked to the property, for example: wheelchairs, walking sticks, hearing aids, etc. Although the Association does not provide these items, you may be able to obtain them through your GP, hospital or other health services.

How do I apply for an adaptation?

You should contact your GP and they will refer you to an Occupational Therapist who will assess your difficulties and make recommendations to the Association explaining the aids or adaptations you require. If you require a small adaptation as above then you can contact your Rural Housing Technical Officer. (028 82246118)

Do I have to pay for the adaptation?

Generally no, the Association works closely with the Department for Social Development and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive which provide grants for approved aids and adaptations for people with disabilities who live in a property belonging to the Association. 

When will work be completed?

Small/Miscellaneous work adaptations are generally carried out by the Association's response maintenance contractors within a four week period.
Minor – depending on the complexity of the case, Rural Housing may pass the works to a Consultant to produce a design, these works would then be carried out by the Associations response maintenance contractors. We aim to complete these adaptations within 12 weeks of receipt of an assessment.
Major – any major adaptations are passed to the Associations Consultants to produce detailed designs, seek planning permission and building control approval and tender the work. We aim to complete these adaptations within 52 weeks of receipt of an assessment.


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