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We have partnered up with HomeSwapper, the UK’s largest and most successful home swap service. HomeSwapper is free to all tenants of Rural Housing Association tenants and is an easy to use and exciting new way to move home. Each week thousands of people living in social housing register online and advertise their homes, looking for another tenant who would like to swap.

As a tenant of Rural Housing Association you can swap homes with another tenant using HomeSwapper. HomeSwapper uses the details you supply to automatically match you to other tenants who may have a home that you'd like and who would also be interested in your property. 
 What to do
 1.      You can use HomeSwapper straight away by logging on to www.HomeSwapper.co.uk and registering to use the service.
 2.      HomeSwapper will automatically match you to any potential swaps
 3.      When HomeSwapper finds you a match you will be alerted by SMS text or email.  You can then log onto HomeSwapper, look at the home you have been matched with and if you like the look of it you can arrange to visit it.
 Please download the following leaflet which provides you with further details on the HomeSwapper Scheme.



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