Repair Categories

 Response Times 

Our repairs service needs to have standards which we can measure our performance against. The response times we have for each category of reactive repair are detailed below. 
Category Response Time 
a. Immediate Callout – Same day service
b. Emergency - 24 hours 
c. Urgent - 4 working days 
d. Routine - 4 working calendar weeks 

Repairs Categories 

It is not possible to provide a definitive list of all the repairs falling into each of the immediate callout, emergency, urgent and routine categories. The following provides guidance that should cover many cases. 

Immediate Callout:

These repairs may pose a threat to a building or the health / well-being of its occupants if they are not attended to swiftly.
a. No electricity 
b. Exposed electrical wires
c. No water 
d. No central heating
e. Blocked WC 
f. Cistern not flushing (where elderly, disabled or child)
g. No access to house 
h. Flooding
Emergency Repairs 
Similar to Immediate Callout but don’t pose an immediate threat to the building or well-being of the occupants.
Examples of emergencies include: 
a. Broken window
b. Loose roof tiles 
Our emergency repairs response time means we have 24 hours to either complete the repair if possible, or carry out a temporary repair. This can be referred to as “making safe”. Follow on work will be ordered and categorised depending on the nature of the repair. 
When an emergency repair arises out of normal office hours, tenants have access to a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service. (see report a repair) LINK

Urgent Repairs 

Urgent repairs require to be attended to quickly but are not likely to pose a threat to the building or the health/ well-being of its occupants. Examples of jobs categorised as urgent include: 
a. Blocked bath, wash-hand basin, sink or external drain 
b. Faulty light switch, socket or pendant (if wiring exposed, this is an emergency)
c. Cistern not flushing (no elderly, disabled or child occupants) 
d. Faulty lock  
e. Cracked (but not broken) window 

Routine Repairs 

Routine repairs are repairs which do not need to be attended to immediately and have a longer response time. Examples of routine repairs are: 
a. Loose floorboards 
b. Leaking guttering 
c. Dripping tap/tap washer replacement 
d. Cracked sanitaryware  
e. Cracked paving in common area


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